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Power your global operations, end-to-end, by DreamApps, the Enterprise Operating System.
DreamApps is a customizable browser-accessed enterprise operating system that implements core applications covering E-Business, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Supply Chain Management, Sales Automation, CRM, Media, Business Intelligence and Analytics.

Enterprise Solutions

is a complete suite of operational management solution for businesses belonging to the New Economy, Old Economy and those in transition. Click here for a brief presentation. If you are interested in a demo, send an email to demo@dreamapps.com.

Media and Brand Management

Powered by DreamApps, brandmarch.com facilitates a distributed marketing infrastructure that enables you to manage and protect your most precious asset - your brand. Plan your campaigns and events or simply put together option packages so that your people in the field can use these pre-approved packages. Build and customize ads and colaterals, maintain archives, manage and deliver your digital assets securely and on time., manage localized content and self-service customizations. Email to bm@dreamapps.com to know how we can help you in addressing your specific challenges.
100% Fit, Or Your Money Back, Guaranteed!
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Small Business Solutions

is the web-store you have been dreaming of. For less than $500 one-time fee, Sign Up Now and Set Up a web-store in less than an hour in 3 Easy Steps.

Or, click on the button below to visit the demo shop.

is a software-as-a-service site offering the most popular modules from DreamApps ERP suite. This is an excellent way to implement a state-of-the-art solution without the usual associated risks and costs. Email to erponthenet@dreamapps.com to know more.

is an integrated ERP service for small businesses that allows you to run the entire operation from anywhere, anytime. You don't need to buy any hardware or software. Click here for a brief presentation. Email to trysoho@dreamapps.com to request a trial subscription.

is a complete customizable Point-Of-Sales solution with back-end inventory and ERP functionality. It puts together online as well as offline features allowing comprehensive counter-sales operations starting from a single location to thousands of locations. Contact pos@dreamapps.com to know more.
Workplace Collaboration
& Social Media

enables you to build a networked workforce who collaborate on projects, campaigns, events and activities such as learning, sourcing, supporting and community building by sharing ideas, knowledge, opinions and digital contents such as blogs, documents, images, sound clips and videos while enhancing your corporate knowledge pool and advancing their personal and professional aspirations. Click here for a brief presentation. For accessing and navigating the demo site, Click here for a demo guide. If you want to know how Workspace can benefit you, contact ws@dreamapps.com.

Mobile Solutions

is a comprehensive Mobile front-end to your back-end ERP infrastracture. Contact mobile@dreamapps.com to know more.

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