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Manage your global operations, end to end, with DreamApps ERP++
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What is DreamApps ERP++?

It's like SAP + Salesforce + Remedy + Peoplesoft + Shopify + Yammer for the price of NetSuite, fully customized, delivered in weeks, instead of in months and years.

It's an integrated Enterprise Software Platform comprising 80+ modules for ERP, supply chain, e-Commerce, CRM, HR, self-service portals, vertical apps, work flow, content management, digital media, project collaboration and social media, that empowers growing businesses (with 20 to 500 employees, multiple locations, complex operations with multiple business models) by automating their operations, end-to-end, and enabling seamless collaboration between people over processes, affordably. Watch Chris explain the Whats, Whys and Hows of it, in the following video.

The Dream Engine Processes People A Slideshow
The DREAM Engine

At the core is our revolutionary technology DREAM (Dynamic Resource Extended Application Management) that enables a single program to implement thousands of functions and features simply by looking at specifications, totally eliminating coding for generating applications. There is always just a single program - only the latest version - that is required to be maintained, eliminating all the costs, incompatibilities and errors associated with maintaining thousands of programs and several versions of each. Customization, configuration and implementation involve only making sure that specs are right and fitting to the customer's requirements.

Single Program/Single Version
All DreamApps customers use only the latest version of just a single program. The technology has been developed and field-proven for 15 years around the world on multiple platforms implementing disparate applications and locales like top brand management platform in North America, a huge Government e-service in South East Asia, village-kiosk based MLM outlets in South Asia.
DreamApps have more than 80 process-centric modules.

These are the modules for people
to collaborate on the above processes.

A slide show.